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The Lava Lamp: Three Easy Holiday Cocktails in One

December 27, 2012

I have a confession: the Lava Lamp is probably the most simple cocktail from my book The Bubbly Bar. And maybe for that reason, or the fact that people love the tangy mix of pomegranate and sparkling wine, it’s also the most popular. If you’ve never tried it, here’s the classic recipe:

The Lava Lamp

1 ounce Pama pomegranate liqueur

4 ounces brut sparkling wine

3 pomegranate seeds

Add the pomegranate liqueur to a champagne flute. Top with the brut sparkling wine. Garnish with the three pomegranate seeds.

I’m glad people still enjoy this cocktail, but I’ve created a few variations on it, and I thought you might like to try them. I’ve found that all sorts of tangy deep red winter fruit juices like blood orange, hibiscus, pomegranate juice, cranberry work well too and make a lower calorie drink. I’ve subbed Pür Spirits Blood Orange Liqueur for the alcohol. And I’ve changed up the garnishes as well. Use the formula below to make your own variation on this holiday drink.


4 ounces brut sparkling wine (or brut rosé or sparkling water for a non alcoholic drink)


1 to 1-1/2 ounces of either: Pür Blood Orange, pomegranate juice, cranberry juice, hibiscus juice, tart cherry juice, Cherry Heering Liqueur


3 pomegranate seeds or slivers of candied ginger, pickled cranberries, candied Meyer lemon peel, a candied hibiscus flower, a flavored cocktail foam

For a modernist (aka molecular cuisine inspired) take on the Lava Lamp, I topped it with a foam made with Pür Blood Orange Liqueur and pomegranate-cranberry juice. I know a lot of people have soda siphons like the iSi at home for making soft drinks; you can also use it to make a velvety foam to top cocktails. I mixed 1-1/2 cups of juice with 1/4 cup of the liqueur and 6 egg whites. Put it in a cold iSi soda siphon, charge it with one cartridge, then shake and chill.

Bubbly Girl Cocktail Recipes

A Perfect Thanksgiving Cocktail: The Lava Lamp

November 19, 2009

You could drink wine with your turkey… or maybe an artisanal beer. But wouldn’t a cocktail be more fun? Well, I’ve selected 3 great seasonal cocktails from The Bubbly Bar with refreshing, tangy and spicy flavors to perfectly complement your turkey dinner: The Ginger Snap, the pomegranate Lava Lamp and The Stiletto which offers subtle orange and cognac flavors.

The Ginger Snap and the Stiletto recipes are just for subscribers to my Bubbly Girl Chronicles newsletter. If you want to taste them, go to my website and sign up for the newsletter to get the password to access these recipes. It’s totally free and fun!

In the spirit of giving, here’s the recipe for the super-popular Lava Lamp.

The Lava Lamp, a tangy blend of Pama pomegranate liqueur and brut sparkling wine does a great stand-in for cranberry sauce. The tart-sweet pomegranate will cut through the rich flavors in gravy, stuffing and turkey. It would also be tasty with a juicy slice prime rib. The bubbles in the sparkling wine make the pomegranate seeds rise and fall in the glass, giving this drink the appearance of a retro lava lamp. A flute with a long hollow stem shows off this effect best.

1 ounce Pama pomegranate liqueur or 3 tablespoons pomegranate juice
5 ounces brut sparkling wine
3 pomegranate seeds

Add pomegranate liqueur or pomegranate juice to a champagne flute. Fill glass with sparkling wine. Drop in the pomegranate seeds.

From: The Bubbly Bar: Champagne & Sparkling Wine Cocktails for Every Occasion by Maria C. Hunt (Clarkson Potter, $16.99) Photo credit: Paul Body.